Victor Pitts joins MMX as premium domain head

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Victor Pitts Headshot 2017-03We're thrilled that the MMX team has been further enhanced with our appointment of well-known industry veteran Victor Pitts. Based in beautiful sunny Florida -- arguably the north American capital region of domain name investing -- Victor has taken up the role of Director of Premium Sales, Americas. For those who have been involved in premium domain names, domain name investment and aftermarket domain name businesses, you probably already know Victor (and we wouldn't be surprised if you knew him well!) To call Victor a veteran of the premium domain name industry would be an understatement. It was back in 2004 that Victor was a founding Vice President member of what was arguably the United States first domain registrar dedicated to domain name investors, Moniker. His 6-years at Moniker were followed by VP positions at respected domain investment portal iGoldrush and sister registrar/hosting company DomainIt, early innovating registry for adult domains ICM Registry, and the well-known domain monetization and management enterprise, Those few industry people who may not have met Victor would certainly have heard him hosting more than 250 episodes of the Domain Master podcast. As we said at the very beginning of this post, we at MMX couldn't be more thrilled, and the domain industry blogosphere has generously noted Victor's move to MMX, with's Elliot Silver getting the scoop, and very quickly followed by's Konstantinos Vournas. Victor said, “MMX has demonstrated that it is creating the ideal new domain registry. The MMX team’s authentic commitment to partnering with the industry is completely compatible with my own approach. Our recent elimination of premium renewal pricing has provided exciting momentum, and I’m looking forward to expanding MMX’s footprint through aftermarket and registrar channels with our excellent inventory.” Welcome to the team, Victor!  
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