OnlineDomain coverage: ".VIP Breaks All New gTLD Domain Registration Records"

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onlinedomain-logoOnlineDomain, a leading domain name investment blog, today published an article entitled ".VIP Breaks All New gTLD Domain Registration Records". The blog's editor in chief, Konstantinos Zournas, wrote, ".VIP broke several New gTLD domain registration records since its launch yesterday. It has been the fastest registered New Extension for the first 3 hours since the General Availability since the NEW gTLD program started in January 2014. .VIP went into General Availability at the stroke of midnight, China time, on May 18th [2016]." Mr Zournas published his expert commentary, " Minds + Machines (MMX) shared some internal statistics on the opening minutes of .VIP registrations. At the 5 minute mark, 25,696 domains had been registered. At 15 minutes, 45,263 domains had been registered. At 30 minutes, 53,941; at 45 minutes, 75,649; at one hour into GA, the total number of domains sold by registrars was 89,285. It took .VIP 73 minutes to pass 100,000 domains sold, which was #24 of all new gTLDs according to NameStat. At 90 minutes, 108,317 domains had been sold and at two hours, the total was still rising, at 116,423. During those first two hours, 7,313,294 EPP transactions (i.e. domain checks) were made to the MMX back-end servers. "NameStat stats show that registrants from 99 different countries registered a .VIP domains in the first few hours of General Availability, using 59 different registrars around the world. "Comparisons to some other “big” TLD launches are interesting. The Chinese .wang TLD, for example, is considered one of the main benchmarks for aftermarket auction and trading prices in China. The .wang TLD is currently #3 in the world by domains under management, with more than 1.06 million as of today. According to “China’s Wikipedia”, Baidu Baike, .wang’s launch on 30 June, 2014 saw 20,000 registrations within the first 48 hours, and 60,000 by August 2014. "Looking at .XYZ (currently #1 with 2.77 million domains) the first day of registrations hit 10,000 and after a month, the TLD had 257,000 domains. "The MMX registry has given an iron-clad guarantee that not a single domain has been gifted or otherwise made available for less than full retail price. MMX made this promise in an official release to the London Stock Exchange on 27 April 2016." Mr Zournas detailed background info on the launch of our .VIP top-level domain, "Minds + Machines told that they have been working on building awareness of .VIP worldwide since March. For the China market, MMX partnered with Allegravita for marketing communications and premium domain operations, and with ZDNS for China compliance. "Allegravita’s Simon Cousins stated, “VIP is basically a Chinese word now. Most everybody in China views “VIP” as a standard word meaning prestige and honour. It has a different, broader meaning in today’s China than the strict English acronym “Very Important Person”. In Chinese, it covers prestigious and honoured people, places, things and experiences too.” "Toby Hall, MMX’s CEO, wanted to underline how “domainer friendly” they’re trying to be. has been very critical of Minds + Machines in the past. Extremely high priced renewals are not good for the domain name industry, from the domainer down to the end-user, registrars and the registry. Toby told us that his direction to the company is to be completely focused on “partnership”, and that very much includes the domain investor community: “Every .VIP domain, regardless of registration price, will renew at standard retail rates, as they’re set by the registrars”. Read the full article at
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