Minds + Machines Partners With .club and .bar to Promote .vodka and .beer Domains to the NightClub and Bar Industry

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Minds + Machines (MMX.L), the sales and marketing led registry business, is delighted to have entered into a co-marketing agreement with .club and .bar to co-promote its .beer and .vodka domains to the US nightclub and bar industry via North America's second largest registrar group through Name.com. Under the agreement, consumers buying or renewing their .club name will have access to significantly discounted .beer, .vodka and .bar names. To date .club has achieved domain sales in excess of 725,000 globally. Toby Hall, CEO of Minds + Machines Group Limited, commented:
".club is a great success story. By partnering with the best we are able to immediately widen awareness of our .beer and .vodka domains within specific verticals - in this instance the nightclub and bar community. It's a win-win-win as brands increasingly understand the benefits of creating multiple doorways into their main online properties by using different endings to point to different sections of their sites."
The innovative move follows the highly successful NightClub and Bar Show in Las Vegas where the four top-level domains partnered on a stand to promote the value of new gTLDs to the nightclub and bar industry. Jeff Sass, CMO of .club, said:
"The interest and enthusiasm from attendees at the show was exceptional. It was a natural catalyst for us wanting to continue to cross-promote vertically meaningful domains across registries and team up with Name.com to offer bundled packages more widely. We believe the price benefits of a bundle provide exceptional opportunities for innovative marketers in this industry to creatively leverage multiple domains in logical and beneficial ways."
Price reductions include 70% off first year standard names in .beer and .vodka, 50% off .club first year standard names, and 40% off first year .bar standard names. To access one or more of the discounted rates, consumers must buy or renew their .club name at http://www.name.com/nightclub. Aaron Grego, CEO of .bar, said:
"I am very excited to see how this industry is strengthening their online presence and are having increased awareness about the options available for naming their business online. It is a great experience working hand in hand with other registries to unleash the marketing potential that Domain names offer for all kind of businesses in the Nightclub and Bar industry to engage with their customers."
In North America revenues of the nightclub and bar industry were $23.4billion according to Statistica.com, with over 65,000 enterprises in the sector in the US. Further information: Minds + Machines Group Limited Toby Hall (CEO) toby@mindsandmachines.com +44-7713-341072 .club Jeff Sass (CMO) jeff@get.club +1-954-256-9334 .bar Aaron Grego (CEO) aaron@info.bar +52-55-8589-5544
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