MIEIVC adopts a .vip domain name

MIEIVC, the Chinese translation of "Mi Wei Ke", a fashion,simple, low-cost, high-quality retail brand, has adopted a .vip domain name for their consumer website (https://en.mieivc.vip/).

MIEIVC is dedicated to providing a complete home life boutique, covering a wide array of categories including, cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, sporting goods, appliances, kitchen supplies, home decorations, luggage, clothing, as well as health and wellness. As if that weren't enough, MIEIVC has practical, stylish products with prices as low as 5 yuan. MIEIVC has stores in the Northeast market, and are very popular in southern China. This year, MIEIVC went is going global, opening a number of stores in the international market which will translate into stores all over the world.

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