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hobi-michalec-lumis   Guest post by Hobi Michalec, Co-Founder, Lumis Inc. In the past I wrote an article describing ways gTLDs may find their usage and ultimately their value. As we all know, there’s no single path to victory. What gives one gTLD value will not always transpose to another. Lumis Consulting recently helped a company called Stay Fit Housing®, out of Los Angeles, California, acquire the domain Stay.Fit. Stay Fit Housing is an innovative corporate housing + wellness company, providing fully-furnished residences (apartments and houses) throughout the U.S. (and worldwide) for 30 days or longer, as well as a wellness lifestyle designed to optimize Stay Fit Living®. Upon arrival, each Stay Fit Housing guest is welcomed with a wellness package featuring 10 group fitness classes at a nearby boutique studio, personalized nutritional coaching, a gift of a premium yoga mat, healthy foods and drinks, massage options, and additional mind-body services to promote Stay Fit Living @ Stay Fit Housing. This domain was a premium registration available via the registrar channel. After the purchase, we asked two of the Stay Fit Housing co-founders, Daniel Corridon (C.E.O.) and Dan Hauptman (President and C.O.O.), a few questions as to why they chose the .fit gTLD and what their plans for the domain name are. Dot Fit logo- rgb png Q: Why did you choose Stay.Fit instead of an alternative domain such as Stay.Brand or Stay.Home? Dan Hauptman:  “Our company name is Stay Fit Housing, and while we own and will continue to use and other related domains – including,, and – we chose to pursue and purchase Stay.Fit as a quick and easy way to reach us on the web.” Q: Do you intend to continue using Dan Hauptman:  “At our core, we are a furnished housing company, so we will continue to use and our other related domains. We plan on using Stay.Fit as an overarching brand that encompasses our mission to make life on the road feel more like home for our guests in fully-furnished residences throughout the U.S. (and worldwide) for 30 days or longer.” How do you feel this domain helps your marketing efforts? Daniel Corridon: “The Stay.Fit domain will help our brand adapt a more holistic approach to hospitality as we continue to improve our service offerings. The simple, straightforward domain reflects our innovative approach to this market and the ease of doing business with us from the lens of current and future clientele.” Q: Who are your consumers?  Daniel Corridon: “Our target client base is virtually limitless, ranging from extended business travelers, consultants, government contractors, pro athletes, families in transition, and more. Our furnished housing solutions – combined with a fitness- and nutrition-focused lifestyle – are suitable for anyone who strives for peak performance and comfort while on the road.” Q: Are there any places other than directly on your website you plan to use this URL? Billboards, flyers, other advertisements, etc.? Dan Hauptman: “As we implement Stay.Fit more and more in the branding of our company, the possibilities of where we will promote Stay.Fit are endless. We are reinventing the corporate housing experience by combining the comfort and convenience of flexible-stay furnished residences with unprecedented access to a wellness lifestyle designed to cultivate peak performance, and we are excited to join the .Fit revolution.” Summary There are a few important takeaways from this. It is too often that the most important reason why a company opts to use a gTLD is overlooked. Stay.Fit hits perfectly on two key points. It has brand and generic correlation to the end-user. I would argue that from a marketing standpoint, it’s a dream come true! Stay Fit Housing provides a healthy destination and fantastic alternative to traditional lodging for extended-stay travelers. The .fit gTLD is correlated with fitness, health, and an overall active lifestyle. The URL Stay.Fit also promotes their brand in the most direct and simplistic manner. Not to mention, it’s an exact match! The marketing potential for this domain is vast. All in all, this was a great acquisition of a key domain. It will no doubt play a central part in the marketing strategy of Stay Fit Housing for years to come. About the author Hobi Michalec is a Co-Founder of Lumis Consulting, a boutique digital asset brokerage firm based in South Florida. Hobi has a passion for domain names and all things internet. He works with clients across the world and domain names of all varieties. This article is a Guest Post from an MMX partner.
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