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Every great idea deserves a great domain name

Finding that perfect domain

Whether you’re a new business or an individual, a great domain name is always the right place to start.

Factors to consider

First Impression: A domain name is the first thing your visitors will see – make a positive, lasting impression with a great domain name.

Memorable: Short, catchy names are more memorable helping your users remember your web and email address.

Branding: Increase brand recognition with catchy new words like Google.

Geographical: If your service is specific to a city, consider it as an ending such as

Extra Special: In special instances, high value addresses in a TLD can be available for sale by contacting our broker team directly, even though it might show as not being available at a registrar’s site. So, if you’re looking for a high value name in one of our properties, it’s always worth contacting us directly, we’ll be happy to help.

Addresses in each of our TLDs are typically sold via our global network of online registrar partners. Dependent on the top level domain, some may have higher first year prices but all will typically then renew at the standard price for each subsequent year.

There is also a healthy after-market for the re-sale of names, so always worth checking the leading after-market sites when searching for your perfect address if it has been already sold.

Examples of great TLD's used today

China Licensed Websites
General Websites
Professional Websites
Consumer Websites
Health Websites
Geographic Websites
Innovation Websites
Food & Beverages Websites
Lifestyle Websites