domainincite-logo-webLeading domain industry news blog DomainIncite covered our .VIP top-level domain’s historic full approval in China today. In an article entitled “.xyz, .club and .vip get the nod to sell in China”, editor in chief Kevin Murphy wrote, “The Chinese government has granted licenses to operate in the country to its first tranche of new gTLDs — .vip, .club and .xyz. The agreements mean that Chinese registrars will be able to give their Chinese customers the ability to actually use their domains for web sites.”

Mr Murphy quoted MMX CEO Toby Hall, who told DomainIncite it’s “a great moment of support for Chinese registrars”, giving them a “very clear signal about which TLDs they can focus on”. Toby went on to tell Mr Murphy that while .vip has been popular with Chinese domainers [the industry’s term of art for domain name investors], the MIIT license means it can start to tap the small business market there too.

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