Registrar Partner FAQs

Are your TLDs open or closed?
Just about all our TLDs are open, meaning that anyone can register a name. A few that are aimed at clearly-delimited professions are restricted to members of those professions — .abogado, for instance, restricted to accredited and licensed members of the legal profession. In addition, there may be some restrictions during limited periods. For instance, in some of our geo TLDs local residents and businesses may be given priority over non-residents.
Do your TLDs require verification of registrants?
In the cases where verification is required, the registry will manage verification.
We can’t/won’t work with your annualized premium pricing. Can we still sell non-premium names?
Yes. Registrars have an option to sell just non-premium names.
Is there a fee from the registry for ownership transfers?

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MMX is a ‘pure play’ registry, so we do not compete with our accredited registrars.

We have developed registrar support programs and assets that help you to earn more income for less effort, and to delight your customers, the end users of our domains.

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