domainincite-logo-webToday in DomainIncite, the leading domain industry watcher covered MMX in an article entitled, “Chinese investor pumps $7 million into M+M as .vip pushes firm into profit”.

The article quotes MMX Chairman Guy Elliot’s September 20, 2016 message to the markets,  “[MMX] has successfully been navigated out of troubled waters.” DomainIncite editor in chief Kevin Murphy writes, “The turnaround is due in no small part to the success of .vip, which racked up over 400,000 registrations in its first month (back in May), the large majority of which were sold to Chinese investors. The company said that $5.5 million of the $8 million in H1 billings were made in the first 21 days of .vip’s availability. Having started 2016 with no sales in Asia whatsoever, it expects 45% of its revenue to come from China by the end of the year.”

Mr Murphy goes on to cover a recent investment in MMX of £5.5 million from Goldstream Capital Master Fund.

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