The window to submit new gTLD applications to ICANN closed on 30 May 2012. The Directors of TLDH are delighted to confirm that the Company submitted 92 applications in total on behalf of clients and its own account. In addition to geographical names, the Company’s applications included the areas of sports, lifestyles, ecology, entertainment, culture and ethnicity and professions.

Peter Dengate Thrush, the Company’s Chairman, said:

We are very pleased with the momentum of the new gTLD program. We have applied for a substantial and diverse portfolio of new gTLDs and are excited about the prospects for the Group.

As previously announced, TLDH has submitted 5 gTLD geographic applications for or in association with the cities of London, Miami, and Budapest, together with the German States of Bayern and Nord-Rhein Westfalen, all with the backing of each city or region’s governing body. The Company is also providing back-end registry services for a further 18 applications made by clients of the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Minds + Machines, including .rugby by the International Rugby Board and .basketball with FIBA, the International Basketball Federation.

TLDH has submitted a further 68 gTLD applications on its own behalf and one application as a joint venture: .music. In aggregate, the Company’s application fees amounted to USD$13,597,500.

The gTLDs that the Company has applied for on its own behalf are:

1. abogado
2. .app
3. .art
4. .baby
5. .beauty
6. .beer
7. .blog
8. .book
9. .casa
10. .cloud
11. .cooking
12. .country
13. .coupon
14. .cpa
15. .cricket
16. .data
17. .dds
18. .deals
19. .design
20. .dog
21. .eco
22. .fashion
23. .fishing
24. .fit
25. .flowers
26. .free
27. .garden
28. .gay
29. .green
30. .guide
31. .horse
32. .hotel
33. .home
34. .immo
35. .inc
36. .latino
37. .law
38. .lawyer
39. .llc
40. .love
41. .luxe
42. .pizza
43. .property
44. .realestate
45. .restaurant
46. .review
47. .roma
48. .rodeo
49. .sale
50. .school
51. .science
52. .site
53. .soccer
54. .spa
55. .store
56. .style
57. .surf
58. .tech
59. .video
60. .vip
61. .vodka
62. .website
63. .wedding
64. .work
65. .yoga
66. .zulu
67. 购物 (“shopping”)
68. 网址 (“site”)

As the application window has now closed, no more applications are being accepted by ICANN. One hour before the closing of the application window, ICANN announced that it had received “just over 1900 applications”. ICANN has further announced that it will publish the non-confidential portions of applications on 13 June 2012 (the “Reveal Date”). On the Reveal Date, the names of all the gTLDs that have been applied for, and by whom, will be made public by ICANN.

ICANN has determined that as it cannot evaluate all the new gTLD applications simultaneously, it will process the gTLD applications in batches. ICANN intends to announce which gTLD applications fall into which batch on 11 July 2012. ICANN expects to have evaluated the first batch of applications in about six months and those passing will proceed, if uncontested, into delegation.

During the next six months, TLDH will focus its efforts on marketing and operations for geographic names such as .London and .Bayern where it has the exclusive support of the relevant governing authority, as well as any other gTLDs that TLDH has filed for that are confirmed to be uncontested on the Reveal Date. Discussions with other applicants regarding contested names will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

No applications were submitted on behalf of the Group’s client, India TL Domain Pvt Ltd, in respect of Indian cities including Mumbai and Bangaluru.

gTLD: generic top-level domain
ICANN: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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