Why a .boston web address?

Whether it’s for branding and marketing purposes, or the chance to own a piece of your beloved city, there are many reasons why a .boston might be right for you.

As Johnston puts it, one thing’s for sure, “Come October 10th, .boston domains are going to be flying off the shelves — it’s a land rush.” Domains have developed into investment properties for some as a form of virtual real estate and the savvy will be looking to grab the best once open to the general public.

If you’re interested, but not exactly sure where .boston fits into your online presence or digital strategy today, that shouldn’t dissuade you from buying one.

“One strategy is to register your domain now, direct it to your existing website if you have one, and figure out how best to compliment your web strategy when ready,” Johnston says. “The main thing is to secure yours before someone else does.”

As part of your portfolio of domain names, a smart .boston domain is a great way to generate traffic for your website while developing an asset you can leverage down the road.

Websites using .boston domains

Even though .boston has only just launched, it has been adopted by many proud Bostonians! .Boston provides a great url for business, non-profits, and individuals alike.

Here is just a small taste of the many awesome websites sporting a .boston!




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How To Use Your Dot Boston Domain Name

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